Serious cases of Covid-19 grow across the country

The weekly newsletter Infogripe – released this Wednesday (23), in Rio de Janeiro, by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) – reveals an increase in cases of Covid-19 among records of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The situation is observed in all regions of the country.

SARS is a respiratory complication that requires hospitalization and is often associated with the worsening of a viral infection. The patient may experience respiratory discomfort and a drop in the level of oxygen saturation, among other symptoms.

Updated data indicate that – in the last four epidemiological weeks – Covid-19 was related to 61.8% of SARS cases with a positive result for some viral infection. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) represented 16.3% and influenza A, 6.2%. However, when looking only at the cases of SARS that evolved to death, 93.3% are associated with Covid-19.


The survey also includes an analysis for the next three weeks (short term) and for the next six weeks (long term). In 15 of the 27 federative units, the scenario points to an increase in the long-term trend. “In Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraíba, this growth stands out and is more pronounced so far”warned Fiocruz.

In all, 267,226 SARS cases have already been registered in the country in 2022. Fiocruz researchers recommend resuming the use of adequate masks in situations of greater exposure, such as public transport, closed or poorly ventilated places, agglomerations and in health units. In addition, they recall that up-to-date vaccination is essential to reduce the risk of worsening Covid-19.

The Boletim Infogripe takes into account SARS notifications registered in Sivep-flu, an information system maintained by the Ministry of Health and fed by states and municipalities. The new edition, made available in full on the Fiocruz portal, is based on data entered until last Monday (21).

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