Brazil will have 704,000 new cases of cancer per year by 2025, says Inca

Brazil should register 704,000 new cases of cancer per year from 2023 to 2025, with emphasis on the South and Southeast regions, which concentrate about 70% of the incidence. The estimate was released today (23) by the National Cancer Institute (Inca).1669234037 577 ebc1669234037 425 ebc

The publication Estimative 2023 – Incidence of Cancer in Brazil shows that the most frequent malignant tumor is non-melanoma skin, with 31.3% of the total cases, followed by female breast (10.5%), prostate (10. 2%), colon and rectum (6.5%), lung (4.6%) and stomach (3.1%).

According to the researcher at Inca Marceli Santoscases in Brazil are becoming similar, in general, to the types of cancer that affect more urbanized countries: breast, colon and rectum and lung.

In women, breast cancer is the most frequent (66.54%), after non-melanoma skin cancer, with 74,000 new cases predicted per year until 2025. In the more developed regions of the country, colorectal cancer follows, but, in those with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI), the cervix tumor occupies this position.

In men, prostate cancer is predominant in all regions, with an incidence of 67.86%, totaling 72 thousand new cases estimated each year until 2025, behind non-melanoma skin cancer. In the regions with the highest HDI, malignant tumors of the colon and rectum occupy the second and third position, and, in the less developed ones, stomach cancer is the second or third most frequent.

Altogether, occurrences were estimated for the 21 most common types of cancer in the country, two more than in the previous publication, including pancreas and liver tumors.

According to the researcher from the Inca Prevention and Surveillance Coordination Marianna Cancelathe team decided to include these cancers because they are a public health problem in Brazilian regions and also based on worldwide estimates.

“Liver cancer appears among the ten most incidents in the North Region, being related to liver infections and chronic liver diseases. Pancreatic cancer appears among the ten most incidents in the South Region, its main risk factors being obesity and smoking”said Marianne.

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