For the first time, 19 transgenders of Ghaziabad got government ID, know what is the plan of the government

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Ghaziabad: In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 19 transgenders have become the first people in UP to get a government identity card. So far, the Social Welfare Department has issued 72 ID cards to transgender people across the state. The efforts of NGOs helped a lot in this work. These people were fighting for their livelihood. Let us tell you that the intention of the government is not only to give I card, but also to provide employment.

Will also be linked to skill development works

Government officials and NGO activists said that there is an attempt to motivate transgender people for skill development. Officials said that under skill development, these people would be trained in hair salon and computer work. Amarjeet Singh, District Social Welfare Officer, Ghaziabad said that the basic objective behind starting the process is to break or eliminate the stereotypes surrounding the transgender community. They create obstacles in their life socially. Also people associate them with wrong kind of work.

Will work in normal offices after training

Apart from identity cards and certificates, the department is also motivating this community for skill development. Under this, efforts are being made to link training in salons and computer training. After training, these people will also soon work in normal offices. Recently the state government had renamed the UP Kinnar Kalyan Board as ‘Transgender Welfare Board’ for its massive sensitization campaign about this community and improving their quality of life.

face discrimination in family and society

According to officials of the Social Welfare Department, many transgender people face discrimination in their families. Due to this he is forced to leave his house. Singh said that transgender people are often victims of violence. They need a safe place to live. For this, the government is setting up ‘Garima Griha’. These will be shelter homes specially built for transgenders.

The organization is working with 300 transgenders

Shailendra Kumar Singh of Expression Foundation, a social organization based in Delhi said that we are currently working with more than 300 transgender people in Ghaziabad. Mainly taking care of their health. This includes HIV testing and other health checks. Samina, a resident of Ghaziabad, heaved a sigh of relief after getting the transgender card.

‘No one will call us fake now’

He said that because we do not have any identity card, people think of us as fake. These cards will come in handy for pursuing higher education, bank loan for starting small scale business, enrollment for skill development training. Another transgender Madhu said that the identity card is a big effort towards recognizing our existence. Sensitivity about us should also be increased.

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