specific question can be CANCELLED

Last Sunday (11/20), we had the second day of the Enem, where the Mathematics test was applied. The controversy around this revolves around an issue that may be overturned.

The question involves an algebraic expression, and a possible error has been identified in it. Understand better what happened.

What’s wrong with the question?

The question, which is present as 141 in the pink test, 175 in the yellow test, and 157 in the gray and blue tests, has no right answer.

According to teachers who reviewed the test, the question has no right answer among the five alternatives that the test gave.

The question is the following: “A store employee’s monthly salary is made up of a fixed amount of R$675 plus a commission that depends on the number of pieces sold by him in the month. The calculation of the value of this commission is done according to these criteria: up to the fiftieth piece sold, you pay 5 reais per piece; from the fifty-first piece sold, the amount paid is 7 reais per piece”.

What the question asks is, basically, that “q” represents the quantity of pieces sold in the month, and “S (q)” is the monthly salary. After that, the student needs to show what is the algebraic expression that concerns the seller’s salary.

What happened to the question to have error?

Most likely to have happened is a typing error at the time the alternatives were made. However, experts said which of the alternatives should be considered right in case the issue is not annulled.

According to one of the professors who reviewed the test, “question 141 [da prova Rosa] it is even a very simple question, but we believe that there was a typing error, because, in the statement, it says that the fixed part is 675 and the alternative that the Enem should consider correct, which is ‘d’, is 625. So there was a typo in a question that is extremely simple, which is modeling a two-sentence function.”

Can the test be reapplied?

Due to an error in the question, no. The action that Inep must take in these circumstances is to annul the question and it no longer counts towards the final grade of the test.

But those students who suffered from natural disasters, or any other obstacle that made it impossible to take the test at the time of application, will be able to retake it.

Those who were harmed will need to run, as the tests are expected to be applied on January 10 and 11, 2023.


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