Malan says he expects the Lula government to adopt ‘responsible’ conduct

Former finance minister Pedro Malan commented this Wednesday, 23, with journalists that he expects the government of president-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to adopt a “responsible” management of the economy, as was expected in the second round of presidential elections.

“It was very clear that we (Malan and other economists) decided to vote in the second round (for then-candidate Lula) in anticipation of a responsible conduct of the economy. This is my expectation”, said Malan to the press professionals at the 17th International Seminar of the National Association of Credit, Financing and Investment Institutions (SIAC).

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Asked about his evaluation in relation to the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Transition, proposed by the transition team of the president-elect, Malan only said that “it is advancing” and that “it is premature to make an evaluation”.

Malan also stated that it is necessary to find a way to deal with the inconsistency between the Central Bank, “which is committed to doing whatever is necessary for inflation to return to sustainable levels in the short term”, and the government, “subject to natural demands and legitimate”.

Speaking at the seminar, the former minister pointed out that the demands faced by the government are the result of social deficiencies and ills in the country, resulting from the lack of investment in the past in the area of ​​education and training of people.

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