IPC-S decelerates to 0.65% in the 3rd four-week period of November, compared to 0.70% in the 2nd reading

The Consumer Price Index – Weekly (IPC-S) decelerated to 0.65% in the third quadrissemana of November, compared to a high of 0.70% in the second reading of the month. The information was released this Wednesday (23) by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. The indicator accumulates a high of 4.59% in 12 months, less than the advance of 4.65% in the second measurement of November.

Three of the eight categories of expenditure that make up the index registered a decrease in their rates of change in the third reading of November. The highlight came from the group Education, Reading and Recreation (1.29% to 0.38%), influenced by the item airfare (4.95% to 0.97%).

Health and Personal Care (1.00% to 0.91%) and Housing (0.39% to 0.37%) also recorded cooling in their rates of change. In these classes, the items with the greatest weight were hygiene and personal care items (1.99% to 1.60%) and household furniture (0.99% to 0.10%), respectively.

On the other hand, the Communication (-0.62% to -0.32%), Transport (0.74% to 0.85%), Food (0.88% to 0.95%), Clothing (0. 65% to 0.86%) and Miscellaneous Expenses (0.12% to 0.17%) increased, influenced by the combo items of telephony, internet and pay TV (-1.05% to -0.33% ), gasoline (1.33% to 1.74%), rice and beans (-1.25% to -0.77%), men’s clothing (0.35% to 1.10%) and dispatcher (-0 .05% to 0.21%), respectively.

Individual Influences

Long-life milk (-5.13% to -4.80%), mozzarella cheese (-2.30% to -2.52%), mobile phone tariff (-0.45% to -0.44% ) were the items that exerted the most downward pressure in the third four-week period, followed by manga (-7.12% to -7.92%) and telephony, internet and pay-TV combo (-1.05% to -0. 33%).

In the opposite direction, gasoline (1.33% to 1.74%), tomatoes (19.63% to 18.73%) and health plan and insurance, which repeated the variation of 1.14% from the past reading, were the items that exerted the most upward pressure, followed by onion (14.98% to 19.15%) and ethanol (7.48% to 8.01%).

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