IPC-Fipe rises 0.53% in the 3rd four-week period of November, compared to 0.50% in the previous preview)

The Consumer Price Index (IPC), which measures inflation in the city of São Paulo, rose 0.53% in the third four-week period of November, gaining strength in relation to the 0.50% increase observed in the second four-week period of this month, according to data published this Friday, 25th, by the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe).

In the third reading of November, there was acceleration in five of the seven items that make up the IPC-Fipe: Transport (from 0.85% in the second four-week to 0.95% in the third four-week), Personal Expenses (from 0.50% to 0. .65%), Health (from 1.26% to 1.27%), Clothing (from 1.10% to 1.25%) and Education (from 0.12% to 0.13%).

On the other hand, in the same comparison, the Food category advanced at a slower pace (from 0.77% to 0.70%).

Housing costs, in turn, fell by 0.09% in the third four-week period of this month, at a slightly slower pace compared to the previous preview (-0.10).

See below how the IPC-Fipe components turned out in the second quadrissemana of November:

Housing: -0.09%

  • Food: 0.70%

  • Transport: 0.95%

  • Personal Expenses: 0.65%

  • Health: 1.27%

  • Clothing: 1.25%

  • Education: 0.13%

  • Overall Index: 0.53%

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