External sector has deficit of US$ 4.625 billion in October, shows BC

The result of current transactions was negative in October this year, at US$ 4.625 billion, informed this Friday, 25th, the Central Bank. This is the best performance for the months of October since 2020, when the balance was negative by US$ 1.473 billion. In September, the result was a deficit of US$ 7.120 billion, in October 2021 the gap was US$ 6.012 billion.

The current account number in October was within the survey carried out by Projeções Broadcast, which had a deficit expectation range of US$ 8.545 billion to US$ 1.300 billion (a negative median of US$ 4.750 billion).

According to the Central Bank’s methodology, the trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 2.551 billion in October, while the services account was negative at US$ 3.444 billion. The primary income account was also in deficit, at US$ 4.054 billion. In the case of the financial account, the result was negative at US$ 5.675 billion.


In the accumulated result for the year up to October, the deficit in the external accounts amounts to US$ 44.039 billion. The BC’s current estimate is for a current account deficit of US$ 47 billion in 2022. The projection was updated in the September Quarterly Inflation Report (RTI).

In the 12 months up to October this year, the current account balance is negative at US$ 60.289 billion, which represents 3.31% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This is the smallest deficit as a proportion of GDP since August, when it stood at 3.26%.

Profits and dividends

The heading of profits and dividends in the balance of payments showed a negative balance of US$ 3.009 billion in October, informed the Central Bank.

The net outflow is lower than the US$ 4.426 billion they left in Brazil in the same month last year, already discounting inflows. In the accumulated result for the year up to October, there was a net outflow of resources via the remittance of profits and dividends, of US$ 36.179 billion.

The BC also informed that expenses with foreign interest totaled US$ 1.053 billion in October, compared to US$ 780 million in the same month of last year. In the accumulated result for the year up to the tenth month, these expenses reached US$ 15.546 billion.

International travel

The international travel account registered a deficit of US$ 653.472 million in October, informed the Central Bank. The value reflects the difference between what Brazilians spent abroad and what foreigners disbursed in Brazil in the period. In the tenth month of 2021, the deficit in this account was US$ 265.777 million. In September, the net expense was US$ 491 million.

The performance of the international travel account in October was determined by expenditures by Brazilians abroad, which totaled US$ 1.066 billion. Spending by foreigners traveling to Brazil totaled US$ 413.429 million in the period.

In the accumulated result for the year up to October, the net balance of the travel account was negative by US$ 6.016 billion. In the same period last year, the deficit in this account was US$ 1.591 billion.

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