Confidence of industrial businessmen has generalized fall in November, says CNI

The industrial entrepreneur’s confidence fell, in general, from October to November. According to a survey released this Thursday (24) by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the Industrial Entrepreneur Confidence Index (Icei) recorded a drop in all 29 sectors analyzed, in all industry sizes (small, medium and large companies) and in all regions of the country.

According to the survey, with the setbacks, the indices of eight sectors and the South region moved from a state of confidence to one of lack of confidence. The Icei varies from zero to 100, with numbers below 50 points indicating pessimism.

The drop in the Icei was 10 points or more in nine sectors, the biggest of which, 14.1 points, in the Wood Products sector, where the indicator dropped from 59.1 points to 45 points. “The drop reflects the negative assessment of the current situation and negative expectations for the next six months. The last time that entrepreneurs in the Wood Products sector showed a lack of confidence was in July 2020”, highlights the CNI.

In addition to the Wood sector, the Leather sectors were also below the dividing line of 50 points in November; Furniture; Non-metallic minerals; Pulp, Paper and paper products; plastic material products; machines and equipment; and rubber products.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Despite the drop in the index, there are still 21 sectors of the industry that are confident. The most confident are Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals with 57.8 points, Beverages with 55.4 points, Chemicals, with 55 points, and Infrastructure works, with 54.5 points.

By size, the biggest drop in confidence occurred in medium-sized companies, down 10 points. In small and large companies, the decreases were 7.4 points and 7.7 points, respectively. Despite this fall, the indices in all sizes were above 50 points.

The deterioration in the confidence index was also spread across all regions of Brazil. In the South, Southeast and Midwest, the falls in the Icei were greater, 9.9, 8.7 and 7.8 points, respectively. In the North and Northeast, the falls were smaller, 6.0 and 6.2 points, respectively.

With this result, the south of the country went from a state of confidence to one of lack of confidence, with the region’s Icei reaching 49 points, below the 50-point line. Businessmen from other regions remain confident, according to CNI.

The survey was carried out from November 1st to 10th, with 2,132 companies, 846 small, 772 medium and 514 large.

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