Aneel: Energy tariff should rise, on average, 5.6% in 2023

THENational Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) estimates that next year the electricity tariff will rise by 5.6% on average. The information was passed on by the agency to the Mines and Energy group of the transition team on Wednesday 23rd, at the first meeting between Aneel directors and the transition team of the elected government.

The increase will vary according to each energy distributor. According to Aneel, seven distributors must have a readjustment greater than 10%; 15 will have readjustment between 5% and 10%; for 17 distributors, the readjustment will be up to 5%; and for 13, there will be no readjustment or there will be a reduction.

The difference in the increase rate is due to the costs of purchase, transmission and distribution of energy, which vary according to each distributor, in addition to any tax credit that the company may be entitled to.

According to Aneel, the readjustment percentages are estimates, which may change until the approval of the new tariff indexes. Readjustments in energy tariffs are made individually for each distributor, usually on the anniversary date of the concession contract.

This year, the readjustment of the energy tariff for residential consumers is, on average, at 10.83%, according to the most recent data from the agency.

The directors of Aneel also showed the transition team that, in the last 12 years, the readjustment in the country followed, on average, the variation of the official inflation index, the IPCA, measured by the IBGE.

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