68% of wage readjustments in October were above inflation, points out Fipe

Two-thirds of the wage readjustments negotiated in October were above inflation (67.8% of the total), according to the monthly bulletin of the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe). The report also shows that 16.6% of negotiations guaranteed readjustment equal to inflation and 15.5% were below that.

The median adjustment was 8.1%, according to Fipe, against 7.2% of the INPC (National Consumer Price Index) accumulated in the last 12 months. The bulletin Salariômetro – Labor Market and Collective Negotiations also points out that the median floor in October was R$ 1,518.

A total of 283 salary negotiations that were corrected were analyzed. According to the foundation, there is a movement of readjustments above the INPC from 2021 to 2022.

November preview

Among the data released, Fipe also presented a preview of the November wage meter (based on 43 agreements). The forecast is that the average readjustment will be 7.3%, with 62.8% of the negotiations being above the inflation measured by the INPC.

readjustment by activity

The sector that had the highest real median readjustment accumulated in the year, between January and October, was the jewelry industry (with readjustment 0.76 percentage points above inflation). Next comes the surveillance and private security sector, which had 0.26 pp of real gain.

At the other end of the list are the newspaper companies, which in the year had a real median readjustment index of 3.52 percentage points below inflation. The penultimate on the list is the broadcasting and television sector, with readjustments 2.41 pp below inflation.


The follow-up of collective negotiations is done through agreements and conventions registered with the mediator of the Ministry of Economy.

Fipe collects the data and information available in the system, tabulates and organizes the values ​​observed for 40 results of collective bargaining, gathered in agreements and conventions (and also by economic activity and economic sectors).

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