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A great way to guarantee new customers and the permanence of those who are already a part is to guarantee news and benefits. Each fintech has its own way of presenting its customers, in the case of Nubank and C6 Bank, the path followed is to use points that reimburse their users. Lanistar has a different approach. To know which fintech to choose, see the difference between each one.

Nubank takes advantage of your expenses

The Nubank program guarantees 1 point for every R$ 1 spent. The advantage is that these points do not expire, so they can be accumulated easily and for long periods, and can be used by the customer whenever and however they wish, since the points can be used in different ways: restaurants, accommodation, flights anywhere place in the world, chest by Smiles, application affiliated with Nubank.

C6 Bank gives rewards

Like Nubank, C6 Bank also adopts the points-based rewards system. C6 Bank customers have their expenses transformed into points, which can be exchanged for a variety of services and other purchases. Like Nubank, these points do not expire and can be accumulated for as long as the customer wishes.

The main difference between the two banks is the participation fee to be part of the rewards system. While Nubank charges a membership fee of BRL 19 per month, C6 Bank customers do not need to pay and can redeem points within the C6 Store in the application.

The newcomer to the Brazilian market: Lanistar

As a newcomer bank, Lanistar had to dig a hole to enter the tangled Brazilian fintech market. Thinking about conquering its space and its audience, Lanistar took advantage of its creativity to implement a financial reward for those who enter the platform.

Lanistar customers who enter the platform by January 15, 2023 can win BRL 12. In addition, every three days, 25 users will be drawn to win a prize of BRL 6,000.

Did you check the benefits? Now it’s just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your needs.

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