These vehicle models will be exempt from IPVA in 2023

The payment schedule and the table with the values ​​of the IPVA 2023 for vehicles in the region of São Paulo have not yet been disclosed, however, it is worth noting that the tax will increase, making the taxpayer disburse an amount more next year.

Every year, cars with more than 20 years of manufacture are eligible for tax exemption. Therefore, owners of vehicles manufactured in 2002 (or older) will not need to pay IPVA🇧🇷 Remembering that taxpayers who own cars manufactured in 2003 will still have to pay the tribute in 2023, only next year will they be exempt from the installment.

With that in mind, we have put together some “old” models for you who want to escape the IPVA and still run with a reliable model. Check out:

1. Toyota Corolla

Known for its reliable mechanics and low fuel consumption, the Corolla is a viable option. The 2002 vehicle has three trim versions, all with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, with manual or automatic transmissions. The average value of the vehicle is between BRL 21.820 and BRL 25.112 (Fipe Table)🇧🇷

2. Chevrolet Astra

O astra collects fans to this day and, in 2002, it was manufactured with two body models: hatchback and sedan. The models could be equipped either with a 1.8 or 2.0 gasoline engine, with a five-speed manual transmission. The average value is BRL 14,640 to BRL 18,000 (Fipe Table)🇧🇷

3. Ford Fiesta

Already in 2002, the party came to its third generation, with much more modern equipment compared to its predecessors. The hatch model was manufactured in Brazil for 20 years (the sedan body debuted in 2004) and brought with it the first flex engine of brand. Since 2021, Ford no longer manufactures vehicles on Brazilian soil. The average price is BRL 8.827 and BRL 15.379 (Fipe Table).

4. Volkswagen Gol

O Goal it was the best-selling car in the last 27 years and is leaving at the end of the year with a limited series of the model, with only 1000 units. In 2002, there were more than 200,000 copies of the vehicle in Brazil. At the time, the “Gol Bolinha”, as it was known, was in its third generation and was equipped with a 1.0 engine. The average price is BRL 10.225 and BRL 19.258 (Fipe Table).

5. Audi A3

Based on fourth generation Goalf, model of rival Volkswagen, the A3 it had numerous engines in its manufacture, ranging from the 1.6 aspirated 100 hp with manual transmission to the 1.8 turbo 180 hp manual or automatic. Today, the average value of the vehicle is BRL 18.449 and BRL 25.535 (Fipe Table).

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