These 6 habits can generate fines for pedestrians

In traffic, not only motor vehicle drivers can be fined, pedestrians can also commit infractions that result in fines, some are commonly done, however, others are more difficult to occur.

The Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), provides for special care to minimize the risk of accidents and contribute to the fluidity of traffic, thus, 6 actions that can be taken by non-motorized citizens who walk on public roads are prohibited .

Brazil’s traffic laws also apply to pedestrians

Infractions are specified in Article 254 of the CTB, with the right to a penalty of R$ 44.19, being described as light. Check out 6 habits that can generate these fines:

1st – Staying or walking on carriageways, except to cross them where permitted.

two° – Crossing lanes on viaducts, bridges, or tunnels, unless permission exists

3rd – Cross the road within the crossing areas, unless there are signs for this purpose

4° – Use of the road in groups capable of disturbing traffic or for the practice of any merriment, sport, parades and the like, except in special cases and with the proper license from the competent authority.

5th – Walking outside the proper lane, footbridge, overhead or underground passage

6th Disobey specific traffic signs

Infractions are not recorded, however, because of the lack of definition of how inspections would be carried out, thus allowing for non-compliance with the rules. According to specialist Marco Fabrício Vieira, member of the Thematic Chamber of Legal Effort of Contran (National Traffic Council) “There has already been an attempt to regulate this procedure, with the approval of Resolution 706/2017, whose wording was based on a technical note from my authorship. However, that resolution was repealed just as it was about to enter into force.”

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