SUPER TIPS revealed to increase your C6 credit card limit quickly

There is no denying the fact that getting a credit card is easier nowadays. Digital banks are facilitating all the bureaucracy we’ve always had with more traditional banks, and that makes all the difference.

However, with the popularization of credit cards, it is common to see bank customers asking themselves something else: what can I do to increase my card limit?

Here, we will give tips for C6 Bank customers to be able to increase the limit and be able to buy more expensive things using their credit card.

How to increase C6 Bank limit

First, it’s important to know if any limit increases are already being made available to you. Check in the bank application as follows:

  1. From the home page, access the “All” tab;
  2. Then look for the “Help (Chat) tab;
  3. At the moment the automatic answer is happening, type “Limit increase”.
  4. The bank will analyze and decide whether your limit can be increased or not.

The bank’s team informs that credit analyzes are carried out frequently for customers who already have the conditions to effectively obtain a limit increase.

important tips

If you’ve done the previous procedure and still don’t have a limit increase available, it’s worth checking out some tips:

  1. Avoid installment purchases frequently;
  2. Keep your personal data always up to date;
  3. Do not apply for too many loans at the same time;
  4. Always pay the invoice on time;
  5. Take credit only in your own name;
  6. Leave your accounts on automatic debit, so you don’t forget;
  7. Always pay off debts on time if you have any.

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