Subscribers to the Single Registry celebrate the creation of a new benefit for 2023

Auxílio Brasil should undergo significant changes in 2023. However, it cannot be said whether they will be positive or negative. The results will depend on how the transition of the presidency will be carried out and how the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies will receive the proposals for the year that begins in just over a month.

This happens because, with the victory of Lula (PT) in the presidential elections that took place on the last Sunday of October 2022, Brazilian politics must change considerably, since the president-elect has already informed that his main objective is to put food on the table of who is starving. However, the budget is not closing.

Jair Bolsonaro’s budget for 2023

Before the elections, Jair Messias Bolsonaro (PL), still president of Brazil, sent the budget for 2023 to the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO). the average of R$ 400.

But, it is worth remembering that the benefit was voted to be R$ 400. However, in July of this year, the Federal Government sent a PEC to Congress that guaranteed benefits, including the increase in aid, which became R$ 600. However, this PEC only guaranteed benefits until December 2022.

Expectations for the Lula government in 2023

With the victory of the PT candidate, campaign promises must be worked on. Among them is the increase, above inflation, of the minimum wage, the maintenance of the Brazil Aid of R$ 600 and an additional amount of R$ 150 to the Brazil Aid. However, the extra money will only go to families with children up to six years old.

However, as funds are scarce, to fulfill the promises, Lula and his Transition Team are proposing a PEC, called the Transition PEC. The intent of this Constitutional Amendment Proposal is to ensure that expenditures in excess of the expenditure ceiling are approved. In this way, with the extra money, Lula foresees the guarantee of the country’s public policies.

It is worth noting that the Transitional PEC must be voted on by December 15 in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. In addition, three-fifths of Senate politicians and three-fifths of House politicians must vote in favor. Otherwise, the PEC will not be approved.

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