step by step to make a simulation of the consortium

Fulfilling dreams like buying a car or a house is not an easy task, but services like the consortium can make it easier. See how to simulate the Santander consortium.

Santander’s consortium is an alternative for those who want to buy something of great value, such as a house, a car or even a renovation. In November, the bank released more than five thousand letters of credit, being the consortium with the most beneficiaries in the country and standing out among the country’s financial institutions. Currently, there are nearly 400 groups in the Santander consortium, with over 250,000 active customers.

How the Santander consortium works

In the Santander consortium, the customer can make high-value purchases without having to pay a down payment, as with financing, where it is necessary to pay about 20% of the down payment, and there is no interest charge. The bank only charges the administration fee and the reserve fund, which can be returned to the customer if not used.

Consortium customers can participate in a kind of auction to anticipate the offer of the letter, where the user can offer a value to advance the consortium installments, if this offer is among the largest made, it is possible that this bid will be contemplated, allowing the use of the letter of credit. You can just wait for the draw, held regularly.

How to simulate the Santander consortium

It is possible to simulate the consortium on the Santander website. When opening the page, information about the operation is presented and, at the end of it, the consortium possibilities are presented, which can be for:

  • Purchase of a vehicle (Car, bus, van or truck);
  • Buying a motorcycle;
  • Buying a property (house, apartment or land);
  • Renovation or construction;
  • Investment in agro or sustainable (Purchase of tractors, machines or solar panels);
  • Purchase of vessel (Jet ski, speedboat or yacht).

When choosing one of the options, the customer is redirected to another screen, where he can log in with his Santander account or use his CPF if he is not a bank user. From then on, it is possible to define the desired amount, term and installments to find the ideal group.

With the contract, it is possible to follow the draws or make the bids, waiting until you are contemplated, when the dream can finally be realized.

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