see the deadline you can bet on NuBolão

Nubank has a partnership with the FIFA World Cup, and together with that, it is holding a sweepstakes that all bank customers can participate in.

In the syndicate, it is possible to bet on the results of the matches of the world football championship, and still earn money for it! Understand better below.

How does NuBolão work?

There are two ways to compete in NuBolão: through the General Ranking or the group Bolão.

In the General Ranking, all Nubank customers who are playing in the pool will be automatically competing, and only this ranking will be valid to receive the prizes.

The Bolão de Grupo is a closed ranking, created by users where you can compete, just for fun (that is, without competing for prizes) with your friends and / or family.

It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to make the same guesses in the General Ranking and in the Group Match, they must be different.

What is the maximum time to bet on NuBolao?

Referring to each match, it is possible to give your opinion up to 30 minutes before the ball starts rolling in Qatar. About the deadline, it will be possible to guess until December 18, the day of the Cup’s grand final.

What are the NuBolão prizes?

There are two ways to win prizes at NuBolão: skill or luck.

Lucky because Nubank will draw 400 prizes of R$400 during the entire Cup for customers, which can be R$300 in cash or R$100 in McDonald’s vouchers.

Performance awards will go to the top three scorers in the Group Stage and the World Cup Finals. The result will be announced after the grand final of the competition.

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