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Many families need to get around the current crisis somehow, some take out loans and others try their luck using credit cards. To request an option of the latter mentioned, most institutions carry out an analysis of the individual who requested it. In this publication, we will inform you how to request the modality without the credit analysis.

Well, when a company offers the card, it is basically a loan, as the institution makes the “money” available and trusts that the installments will be paid. Currently, the release or increase of customer credit is undergoing a process of change. Many banks do not carry out credit analysis, as a new type of request has been gaining prominence.

We are talking about the possibility of applying for credit through investments. When we stop to analyze, the card becomes a kind of prepaid card. The option works as follows, the customer invests and will have money to spend, but the investment is blocked if the invoice is open.

Which banks offer this type of credit?

Regarding the possibilities of ordering this type of card, some banks stand out, such as:

  • C6 Bank;
  • Banco Inter;
  • PagBank.

For banks that offer this modality, the investment is worth it. As it is not necessarily a loan, the increase in value depends exclusively on the customer investing. That way, there is no chance of default.

Regarding the guarantee of this process, it is important that the interested party consults his score at Serasa before applying for the card at one of these banks. If your points are low, it is very likely that you will not be able to purchase the card.

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