RARE NOTE model can be worth around BRL 4,000 THOUSAND! Check the ballot and see how to exchange

Collectors can pay up to R$4,000 on a R$50 note. The so-called numismatists – coin and banknote collectors – are willing to pay dearly, according to specialists, on the R$50 note that does not have the phrase “God be praised ” printed.

The note that does not have the famous religious phrase was printed in 1994. The phrase was deliberately forgotten due to the approval of a bill that abolished the phrase of the Christian religion, with the justification that the country was secular.

However, it did not take long for the notes to be printed with the phrase again, as the Minister of Finance at the time, Rubens Ricupero, added the phrase to the R$5 notes again. For this reason, banknotes without the religious phrase are considered extremely rare today, which makes it so valuable.

Other R$50 bills worth a lot

Not only the note with the religious phrase is sought after by numismatists. The R$50 note that was signed by Minister Ricupero is also considered rare and could be worth up to R$4,000. This is because the minister was in office for a short time and his signature was printed on a few notes, which makes them rare and desirable.

Another minister who stayed in power for a short time was Pérsio Arida. The ballot signed by the monster is so important for collectors that some can pay up to R$ 400,000 for one unit. This is because Arida spent a few months as Minister of Finance, making his signature rare on R$50 bills.

How to sell a rare banknote?

Even if you are not an expert, you can register the items on the website of the auction house “Brasil Moedas Leilões” to evaluate your banknotes. Another option is the Terno & Pellizzari website, a portal that works in the same way as the one mentioned above. Sociedade Numismática Brasileira is another option for those who want to sell their rare banknote.


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