Nubank releasing up to BRL 20,000 MIL with Bolão da Copa 2022: see how to participate for free

The World Cup in Qatar started this Sunday, the 20th, and those fans who are Nubank customers are already taking advantage of the tools that the bank has prepared for the cup, the main one being NuBolão. In this sweepstakes, customers can compete for up to R$300,000.

Betting can be on the overall ranking or on groups made up of friends and family who also have fintech accounts.

It is important to remember that the prizes made available by the bank will only be valid for bets on the General Ranking. It is also possible to change the guess, but this can only be done within 30 minutes before the start of the game.

Prizes of BRL 20,000 at Nubank

Another way to earn money at Nubank during this cup period is with the “Nubank Boxes”. During the entire competition, the bank will draw 400 prizes of R$400. Of these, R$300 will be in cash, which will be deposited in Nubank boxes, and the other R$100 will be distributed through vouchers to be used at McDonald’s.

At the end of the cup’s group stage, the customer who was best placed will win R$20,000, the second place will receive R$12,000, and the third, a prize of R$5,000. These amounts will be deposited in these customers’ Nubank boxes.

The NuBolão score will work as follows:

  • Whoever hits the exact score of the match wins 25 points
  • Whoever guesses the team and the number of goals of the winning team gets 18 points
  • Whoever guesses the winner and the goal difference between the winner and the loser gets 15 points
  • Whoever guesses that the match would end in a draw earns 15 points.
  • Whoever guesses the winning team and the number of goals of the losing team gets 12 points.
  • Whoever guesses only the winner of the match earns 10 points.
  • Whoever predicted that the game would be a draw, but one of the teams won, gets 4 points
  • Who guesses another score gets 0 points
  • And whoever doesn’t guess gets 0 points

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