Nubank releases TWO FUNCTIONS that are very important for you!

Nubank recently launched two tools to help customers pay invoices and also to avoid cases of indebtedness, which are still very common. These services are called Payment Assistant and Boleto Search.

The tools make it possible to catalog all the slips issued in that person’s name and help with the immediate payment of these invoices, if the customer wants to.

This is a good way to start organizing your financial life, especially for those who have a busy life and end up forgetting to pay some bills.

How do the tools work?

The Boleto Search Engine and the Payment Assistant work together. The search engine finds the slips and the assistant automatically pays them. All these services are used to concentrate the accounts in the Nubank app, which will notify customers of the proximity of invoices.

The Boletos Search function will ensure that all bills will be paid on the correct date. For this, the user needs to activate the search engine in his application, after which he receives a notification whenever a new payment slip is generated.

The Assistant also controls the amount of installments paid, as well as the amounts that are open. Another novelty from the bank was the possibility of making Pix transfers on a scheduled basis.

This new feature is being called “Recurring Pix” and can be turned on and off at any time, but it is not yet available to all bank customers.

The service will be one more way to pay invoices without delay and possible debts, since when registered, that Pix will be made every month, eliminating the risk of failing to pay any bills.

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