Low-income families can get SUPER DISCOUNT on electricity rates in December! know how

Low-income families enrolled in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) or who have an insured member of the Continuous Provision Benefit (BPC) may be entitled to discounts on their electricity bills with the Electricity Social Tariff (TSEE) program.

The Federal Government offers discounts on the electricity bill to low-income Brazilians through the TSEE. The program is offered to those who meet the requirements:

  • Be enrolled in CadÚnico and have a monthly per capita family income less than or equal to half the minimum wage; or
  • Enrollment in CadÚnico, monthly income of up to 3 minimum wages and member with a disease or pathology in which the relevant medical treatment or procedure requires the continued use of devices, equipment or instruments; or
  • Have a member who receives the BPC.

How does the electricity discount work?

The discount on the account for those covered by the TSEE depends on the monthly consumption of the family, following the rule:

  • 65% discount for consumption of up to 30 KWh;
  • 40% discount for consumption from 31 KWh to 100 KWh;
  • 10% discount for consumption from 101 KWh to 220 KWh.

That is, a family can receive a 65% discount in a month when consumption is lower and 40% in another if energy consumption increases. When exceeding the limit of 220KWh, the family does not receive a discount, but staying in the program is not affected.

The Electric Energy Social Tariff was established by Law n. 12,212/2010 and involves different bodies, such as the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), energy distribution concessionaires, the Ministry of Citizenship, the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), the state finance or financial control departments/ Budget and the state and municipal audit courts.

How do I apply for a discount on the electricity rate?

It is not necessary to enroll in the program, as the Ministry of Citizenship automatically selects those enrolled in CadÚnico who are eligible for the discount. Monthly, the government informs the electricity concessionaires which citizens are entitled to the benefit, allowing them to receive the discount.

Currently, there are more than 14.5 million families with the discount on their energy bill. However, the number is lower than that of eligible subscribers, which total around 29 million Brazilians, causing approximately 14 million people to remain without the cut in the tariff value.


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