Is it still possible to apply for the loan through the App? See the step by step

Nubank is offering a loan with payment made in up to 24 months. Fintech also offers the option of a three-month grace period. In this way, the customer only begins to pay the loan 90 days after contracting it. The Nubank loan is today one of the best offers available on the market, precisely because of the ease of contracting and the interest charged.

Although the month of November is almost over, Nubank customers can still apply for their loan. To do this, just do the simulation with the amount you want and the amount of installments you want to pay. With the simulation, the customer checks the conditions before requesting the credit.

Find out how to apply for your loan

Go step by step to simulate and take out your loan at Nubank.

  • Step 1: On the main screen click on loans🇧🇷
  • Step 2: Go to New Loan and select the reason;
  • Step 3: Enter the amount you want to hire to simulate;
  • Step 4: Indicate the number of installments and the date you want to make the payments;
  • Step 5: Check all interest rates and conditions;
  • Step 6: If you agree, just finalize the order.

It is important to remember that interest rates are calculated according to the customer’s profile within Nubank. This means that Fintech analyzes your data with Nubank to guarantee the best credit for you. Therefore, it is important to simulate the loan, to check if you agree with the amounts before finalizing the contract.

The digital bank also offers another possibility: making the loan with saved money. Thus, the amount that the customer has in the Planned Redemption function must be used as collateral by the bank.

In this way, the bank offers the possibility for the customer to repay the loan in up to two years, while the retained money continues to earn in the account. The money saved will only be used if the customer delays the payment of the loan installment by more than 20 days.

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