Is it possible to pay tolls using your credit card? check out

With the modernization of transit systems, several changes have appeared to make life easier for drivers. Passing through tolls usually presents some difficulties for drivers, mainly in relation to queues and their payment. In this publication, we will show about the possibility of using the credit card.

In São Paulo, 80 toll booths allow payment by direct approach. According to the information, 60 accept credit or debit cards and 20 only accept debit cards. These innovations are important, as they facilitate not only payments but also improve the flow of traffic on these avenues.

According to data presented by the Department of Mobility and Traffic, more than 60% of drivers go through the toll booths in São Paulo without stopping, only using the approach system.

The Transport Agency of the State of São Paulo (Artesp), reported on the expectation of ensuring the expansion of this system and enabling the participation of more people. In this way, only credit cards with approximation are being accepted, the objective is to increase flow and reduce congestion.

Which tolls do São Paulo accept?

This new option, which aims to facilitate payment, is available at several tolls. Some of the main corridors are detailed below:

  • Anhanguera-Bandeirantes System;
  • Castelo Branco-Raposo Tavares system;
  • Anchieta-Imigrantes System;
  • Ayrton Senna-Carvalho Pinto corridor.

In addition to these measures, Google, through the Maps system, allows drivers to identify where the tolls are and what their value is. The novelty of the application has the function of helping drivers. Also, alternative routes are shown in case you need to save time or avoid places.

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