Has your NUBANK account crashed? Understand what this can be!

Nubank is a bank that does not have a physical branch, and it only works through its app. However, the system may experience instabilities, which is what happened this Tuesday, the 22nd. According to fintech customers, the app failed when transferring values ​​and performing common operations.

According to the company, the system failure actually happened, but this problem affected a small portion of its customers.

“Nubank identified an oscillation in the loading of its app’s homepage, affecting a very small portion of its customers. We regret what happened and inform you that the problem has already been solved,” said the bank.

What customers say

A part of the customers went to report the failure on the social network Twitter, where some reported that the application left the accounts alone. Other cases show that the homepage did not load and that the app displayed the message “an error occurred”.

What’s new on Nubank’s Pix

Even with flaws, the bank tends to release news to its users, the most recent of which was the Recurrent Pix, which will have the automatic debit function.

Bank customers can register their accounts and Pix keys, and thus start using this new feature in transfers.

According to the lead manager of the Nubank Account, Arthur Valadão, “The Recurrent Pix is ​​yet another innovation that we implemented in our digital account and in the corporate account to give them even more time to dedicate themselves to other activities, ensuring that their transfers will be done safely and within the time frame they need”.

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