C6 decision REVOLTS bank customers

Several C6 Bank customers are suffering because of a strange action by the bank: cards are being canceled and credit card limits are being reduced, or even reset.

Customers said that, even using the entire limit offered regularly, they still had a reduction by the bank. No explanation, or even prior notice, has been given by the bank as of yet.

Understand in greater detail what is happening and what actions the user can take to protect themselves.

C6 Bank – Card with reduced limit

Many of the complaints came through the social network Twitter, and because it is a very dynamic network, companies usually have support accounts to help people who are facing problems. However, many people report that the automatic responses given through tweets did not help them to solve the problem.

According to the bank itself, the best way to prevent cancellations and reductions from happening to your account is to move it. The issue is that users report that, even moving the account, they still suffered from cuts and limits.

One user posted a screenshot of the C6 Bank app, where it was described that a profile analysis was done “to ensure financial security”, and then he had his card limit completely cancelled.

How does credit analysis work?

Most banks usually carry out a credit analysis to find out when the user is in good financial health and is able to pay the card on time. Only after this analysis, the user earns the right to have a credit card with a limit.

C6 Bank says that its credit analysis is done periodically with its customers and, depending on the result, the credit card limit can be increased or decreased.

Customers are still waiting for a response from the bank about the situation in question. The way to complain is to make contact via telephone: 3003 6116 in capitals and metropolitan regions, or 0800 660 6116 for other regions.


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