Caixa Econômica Federal recently reported that it has already released the payroll loan to more than 1.6 million beneficiary families of the Auxílio Brasil Program, however, thousands more made the request and were unable to contract the credit, and because of this, the bank explained what should be done in these situations.

According to Caixa, the Auxílio Brasil loan system has presented many instabilities since the beginning of the credit offer, which may have contributed to the denial of the request of some families, therefore, the bank’s recommendation is to beneficiaries to try again.

This new request for the Auxílio Brasil loan can be made at Caixa or at another bank or finance company that offers the credit, but in the case of Caixa, it is sufficient to go to an agency or Casa Lotérica with personal documents and proof of residence, which be recent preferably, to avoid losing the trip.

Reasons for canceling the Auxílio Brasil consignment

In addition, the bank also informed that it is necessary for the beneficiary to analyze the reasons why the loan may have been canceled, to identify any possible problem and solve it before a new request, when applicable, in this way, it is more likely to have the order confirmed when the beneficiary tries again, check out the main causes of cancellation of the Auxílio Brasil consignment:

  • CPF of the beneficiary with a problem with the Internal Revenue Service;
  • Brazil Aid Benefit scheduled to end;
  • Failure to comply with the call from the Ministry of Citizenship to update data from the Single Registry;
  • Have not yet received three installments of the benefit, as families with less than 90 days on Auxílio Brasil cannot hire the payroll, and must wait to complete three months;
  • Not receiving the benefit through account credit.

Some of these rules are general and others are defined by Caixa, as companies have this autonomy, and the bank also established that the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan will not be granted to those who have overdue debts with Caixa, but only in cases of payment delay.

Consignment of Aid Brazil “In Process”

The bank’s guidance so far has been for beneficiaries with “In Process” or “Approved” contracts to wait up to two business days for a new update or to receive the amounts referring to the payroll, in the case of approved ones, and if nothing changes they should go to an agency or lottery house with their personal documents.

However, for many beneficiaries, this period of two business days, or even more, has passed and the contract status is still stuck “In Processing” or “Approved”, however, when they arrive at the branch or lottery they receive vague information, as many employees they are not prepared or guided by the bank to solve the situation and, without knowing what to do, they end up asking the beneficiary of Auxílio Brasil to wait a little longer.

In addition, this week, information emerged that Caixa has increased the deadline, and approved families must wait until five working days to receive the amounts in the account, therefore, beneficiaries who have already managed or who will still manage to have their Auxílio Brasil loan request approved this week will only start receiving at the beginning of the next week, a deadline that also officially applies to those who have already applied loan since last Wednesday (26th), or that are yet to be done.

Consigned loan from Auxílio Brasil in Caixa

Currently, the payroll loan for beneficiaries of Programa Auxílio Brasil na Caixa can be contracted in 26 thousand physical establishments across the country, with more than 4 thousand branches, more than 13 thousand Casas Lotéricas and more than 9 thousand Caixa Aqui correspondents, in addition to the application Box Has, with the following conditions:

  • Maximum amount of the benefit will be up to 40% of the monthly benefit amount of R$400, as the R$600 are provisional, therefore, the installment will be in the maximum amount of R$160 per month;
  • Payment in up to 24 installments, that is, discounts will take place for two years;
  • Interest rate will be 3.45% per month, 0.05% less than the ceiling of 3.5%, totaling 50.23% per year;
  • The amount will be deposited in the same account where the beneficiary receives the Auxílio Brasil, but only two days after the confirmation of the loan.

Caixa also informed that it has made available a page on its website for questions and answers about the Auxílio Brasil consignment, as well as a page on its website for financial education, and according to the data presented to the TCUthe bank has already lent more than R$4.2 billion to more than 1.6 million beneficiaries.

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