Beneficiaries report problems in hiring the Auxílio Brasil payroll at Caixa

Beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil Program have reported in recent days that they encounter several problems in contracting, monitoring, releasing and collecting the installments of the payroll loan contracted at Caixa Econômica Federal, but the public bank has not manifested itself in recent days to resolve the situation.

Since the loan was suspended, in the week of the second round of the elections, Caixa has not made major statements about difficulties in contracting and the delay in responding to requests from families, and in few cases beneficiaries manage only to register a complaint. at the bank’s ombudsman, which in practice does not solve the problem.

Also, if you try to seek some sort of guidance from the agencies of Cashier find employees who were not prepared by the bank to pass on the minimum of necessary information, and in the application, families who try to apply again are informed that they cannot take out the credit at that time, and those who have already managed to apply for the loan are many days with the contract being processed.

Despite all these problems and the lack of solutions presented by Caixa, officially, the Auxílio Brasil loan is still available for contracting, but in practice, families do not find support from the bank and do not get new approvals.

Problems with the Auxílio Brasil payroll

Some families reported that they did not take out the loan, but had the installment deducted from the Auxílio Brasil in November, in these cases, the discounts are considered undue, therefore, the Ministry of Citizenship informed that the bank responsible for the discount must deposit the contracted amount for the beneficiary, it is also possible to request the cancellation of the credit within 7 days, check out how to make this request:

  • First, you need to know which bank the credit was improperly contracted with, and it is possible to obtain this information by calling the number 121 of the Ministry of Citizenship and informing the CPF;
  • Afterwards, it is necessary to contact the bank where the credit was contracted to request the loan amount or the cancellation of the undue contract, which must be done by the company;
  • In the case of Caixa, the bank informed that it is necessary to go to an agency with a photo document and CPF, and it is possible to request the loan amounts or the cancellation of the discounts, but only within 7 days.

Loan discounts on the Brazil Aid November

In cases where the company does not want to comply with the request for cancellation by the beneficiary of the Auxílio Brasil, the Ministry of Citizenship advises that a dispute be registered on the website (check out here how to do it) or call 121 for more information and guidance.

Altogether, there are three allegedly irregular situations involving discounts related to the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan:

  • In the first situation, beneficiaries who never applied for the payroll loan had discounted values ​​referring to the credit installment;
  • In the second situation, beneficiaries who applied for the credit, but which were not approved or whose request is still being processed, also had the value of the first installment deducted;
  • And in the third situation are the beneficiaries who suffered discounts this month, but claim that the contracts defined the discount for the first installment only for December.

Caixa’s position for Brazil Aid beneficiaries

Sought by Folha de São Paulo, the Ministry of Citizenship stated that all contracts closed between October 10th and November 1st will have the first discounts made on the Auxílio Brasil payroll for November, regardless of the date in the contract. , and Caixa stated that there is no grace period for discounting the first installment of the payroll loan.

Therefore, based on the declarations of the public bank and the ministry, it is possible to understand that all contracts that are carried out in a month must be automatically discounted in the following month, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the families of the Auxílio Brasil with this situation, because the date in the contract is just the maximum date for the beneficiary to pay the installment, in case he/she stops receiving the benefit.

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