West Without Filter exceeds 1 million views

Unfiltered Westthe new program West, premiered on Wednesday the 23rd and marked the return of analyzes and comments by Ana Paula Henkel, Augusto Nunes and Guilherme Fiuza. Already on the first day, the edition, under the command of Paula Leal, reached more than 1.1 million views on the YouTube🇧🇷

“We are only where there is freedom”, declared Augusto Nunes at the opening of the program. Ana Paula Henkel said that Unfiltered West “will defend absolute freedom of expression”. The trio will address the main news of the day and analyze the unfolding of the Brazilian political situation. “Our function is to ensure that freedom is not suppressed”, observed Fiuza.

Already in the premiere, the main subject of the program was the request of the Liberal Party (PL) for the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to analyze and explain the inconsistencies of the electronic ballot boxes in the second round of the elections.

“The whole issue is what people have been witnessing throughout the entire election period. It is a filthy election due to the interference of the Judiciary in the Legislative, in the Executive, in the electoral debate”, said Henkel.

Augusto Nunes charged Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE, about the questions presented by the PL. “It’s time to start answering the questions, clarifying the doubts presented with very solid grounds”, he said. “Clarify the technical terms and prove that it worked.”

Fiuza questioned the country’s Electoral Court. “What is this story of a democracy where there can be no controversy? What is this about a democracy where you cannot demand a response from an authority because you have doubts?”, he questioned when analyzing the TSE’s response to the party’s request.

the premiere of Unfiltered West still had the participation of the retired judge Sebastião Coelho. On Sunday the 20th, in a speech in Brasilia, Coelho defended the arrest of Alexandre de Moraes. “We are not living in normality, we are living in an exceptional regime”, observed the retired judge during the program.

Check out the premiere of West Without Filter

The program Unfiltered West airs from Monday to Friday. Today, November 24th, exceptionally because of Brazil’s World Cup game, the edition starts at 6:15 pm.

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