“Valuing the people of a company makes all the difference”

Nadir Moreno She has a degree in Letters and Law and an MBA in Corporate Governance. In her professional development, she participated in several courses in the country and abroad, focused on strategic leadership and business management. Nadir reached the top in the corporate environment, where few women reach: she is Country Managing Director gives UPS Brazil🇧🇷

Nadir has just completed 30 years with the company. A trajectory that proudly details each stage: it started as a customer service assistant, passing through the Finance, HR and Legal departments.

She says that much of her learning came from home: “When you grow up in a big family, you already learn to divide and share and respect spaces. There are many rules and disciplines in a house with 8 children. My parents were very strict and that always served as a reference”, he says. Through family learning, she understood what it was like to work as a team, do her part and respect the space of others.

When the subject is sexism in the corporate environment, Nadir is straightforward: “At UPS I never felt it. But in life, I felt. On trips: Felt. I realized that I was breaking paradigms when, upon assuming the presidency, I became the cover of a magazine”, remember. With the repercussions of his position, he saw that he was breaking a barrier.

Barrier already broken in the company by Carol B. Tomethe first female CEO of UPS in its 115-year history. “She brings us inspiring messages! With Carol, I learned to value people. They are people behind the results, they are people working on each delivery, they are people waiting for their orders. Motivated people bring creativity and innovation”reflects.

It is this learning that guides Nadir’s way of leading: “You empower people and give them the opportunity to be part of the process. That way, she will treat her customer well.”🇧🇷

Nadir also commands the LIDE Womanone of the areas of action of the LIDE – Group of Business Leaders, of the businessman Joao Doria, created to collaborate with the acceleration of the development of women in high leadership positions, in view of the demands of companies and society. In meetings, they exchange experiences about the challenges of women in today’s society, leadership styles and quality of life.

“My main tip is: always studying and being constantly learning is essential to get there!”

The full interview can be found here!

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