Urgent! Payroll loan from Auxílio Brasil is BLOCKED in Meu Tudo?

Meu Tudo, the website and application that had been offering the payroll loan to beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil Program together with Caixa Econômica Federal, announced that it had temporarily paralyzed the offer of credit, and because of this, beneficiaries interested in the payroll loan should look for other companies.

The statement was made by the company at the beginning of the month, which justified the decision by stating that the large number of requests for the Auxílio Brasil payroll received in recent days compromised the ability of Meu Tudo to operate the loan, however, the company also claims that it is possible that the credit will be offered again after the situation returns to normal.

“Valuing the transparency and commitment we have with our customers, we inform you that the contracting of the Auxílio Brasil loan is temporarily paused at Meu Tudo. We had to make this decision due to the high flow of orders we received in the last few days, which ended up compromising our operation”

Announcement on the Meu Tudo website

Still according to the communiqué from Meu Tudo, beneficiaries interested in contracting the Auxílio Brasil loan can go to another bank or financial institution, such as Caixa, for example, however, if they are not in a hurry to receive the amounts, the families will also can decide to wait, and will be informed if the operation resumes.

Meu Tudo paralyzes the offer of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan

Meu Tudo is one of the twelve companies that signed up and were approved by the Ministry of Citizenship to offer the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan, and moreover, she was one of the few who maintained the intention of working with credit after the government announced the ceiling for interest rates.

Despite not appearing by name on the list of authorized companies, Meu Tudo can offer the loan because it is a bank correspondent for the company QI Sociedade de Crédito Direto S/A, which was authorized by the Ministry of Citizenship to work with credit, and had been operating since October 10 accepting proposals from beneficiaries.

Consigned loan from the Brazil Aid paralyzed

Meu Tudo is not the only one to give up working with the Auxílio Brasil payroll, since even before the loan was released by the government, the vast majority of banks and financial institutions in the country announced that they were not interested in credit due to the high risk harm to companies.

This is because, unlike Social Security benefits, which are mostly definitive, the benefit of the income transfer program can be suspended at any time if the beneficiary fails to comply with the rules and requirements of the Auxílio Brasil.

In these cases, the loan regulation determines that the debt cannot be left to the union, leaving the beneficiaries themselves to continue paying the installments if they stop receiving the benefit, however, these potential clients belong to families in a situation of social vulnerability, increasing the risk of default, and consequently loss for these companies.

Caixa also paralyzed the payroll of the Aid Brazil, but not officially

According to Meu Tudo, those interested in the Auxílio Brasil loan have the option of resorting to other companies, however, the only large bank that continues to offer the credit is Caixa, which paralyzed work in the week before the second round of elections. and claimed to have resumed on the last 14th, release that in practice has not helped families.

Since the jobs with the consignment were released on Monday of last week, beneficiaries claim that unable to make new requests in the Caixa Tem app, and those who have already requested it are unable to get answers, even though two weeks have passed.

In the branches, beneficiaries find employees who were not prepared by the bank to guide them, and usually leave the place with the same doubts they entered with and without knowing who to turn to to be informed about possible new hires or about the progress of orders already carried out, a situation that further harms the most vulnerable families in the country.

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