Thirteenth of Brazil Aid in December CONFIRMED? Single installment payment?

Coming to the end of the year, beneficiaries await confirmation of the thirteenth of the Brazil Aid, an old promise from President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). See when the allowance will be paid and the amounts.

After the first round of the 2022 presidential elections, Bolsonaro resumed with the agenda of the 13th of Auxílio Brasil, a promise that has accompanied him since the 2018 election campaign. for 2023, as it is impossible to approve the allowance in an election year.

The 13th of the Brazil Aid

Still during his campaign in October of this year, the president stated that the additional payment should only be made for women beneficiaries, confirming that the allowance had already been accepted by the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes, without informing the origin of the money.

With the election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), the payment lost its prominence, not being commented on by the president in office or by the president-elect, which indicates that the thirteenth payment will not be paid yet in 2022, remaining until the end of the next year.

Changes in Brazil Aid

Preparing to take over as President of the Republic, Lula made the Auxílio Brasil a priority at the beginning of his term, planning some changes in the program that has more than 21 million beneficiaries, such as changing it to Bolsa Família, the which preceded Auxílio Brasil, created in 2021.

In addition to the return of the name, the next government intends to return to the rules of the old program, such as the requirement that children in the family have an active enrollment in the education network with good attendance, in addition to having their vaccination card up to date.

The main changes must be in the amount, as Lula intends to increase the base amount of the aid from BRL 400, or BRL 405 according to the 2023 budget, to BRL 600, in addition to including a benefit paid per child of up to member of the family in the amount of R$ 150. The changes would require an investment of around R$ 70 billion above the expenses currently foreseen with the Brazil Aid, in the amount of R$ 105 billion.

The Brazil Aid PEC

In order for Bolsa Família to have the new value and type of benefit as of January, Lula’s transitional government, led by vice-president Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) is seeking approval of the transitional PEC, which proposes the withdrawal of expenses of the annual budget income transfer program.

The withdrawal proposed by the PEC, which is waiting to be filed by the Senate to be analyzed and approved, would allow investments in Auxílio Brasil, guaranteeing the payment of installments of R$ 600. Another benefit defended by the future management is the release of the amount of R$ 105 billion foreseen for the Brazil Aid for use in other projects, such as, for example, raising the minimum wage above inflation, Lula’s promise for 2023.

Next president will have to reunite Brazil, says Pacheco

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