Step by step to issue the Auxílio Brasil payment statement

To be entitled to Assistance Brazil, it is important that the interested party has the registration and updated data in the Single Registry (CadÚnico). In addition, families must meet established requirements regarding poverty and extreme poverty. To be within the definition of poverty and extreme poverty, families need to present:

  • Poverty: per capita family income between R$ 105.1 and R$ 210 and having children, young people up to 21 years old and/or pregnant women within the family structure.
  • Extreme poverty: family income per capita at R$ 105.

When participating in the benefit, beneficiaries receive payment according to the schedule released by the Government. The debit occurs according to the final NIS of each participant. Next, step by step to issue the payment statement.

  • First, you need to enter the Caixa Tem application;
  • Log in with your information;
  • Click on the values ​​query option;
  • Payments made will appear on your screen.

Situation in Brazil Aid

To find out the situation in which you are in the Single Registry, the beneficiary can check the following:

  • The application, available for Android and IOS;
  • The CadÚnico website;
  • In person at any CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center).

Anyone who decides to update data online must inform the CPF to make the query. In addition, the application for the program also requires that the interested party have an account at to obtain the necessary information.

Approval in Brazil Aid

For the beneficiary to carry out the query regarding his or her approval in the Auxílio Brasil, it is necessary to use the Cadastro Único application or access it through the benefit’s own application. The CadÚnico app allows you to monitor the situation in the “My Benefits” tab, in the Auxílio Brasil app the query is made by the CPF. The apps are highlighted below:

  • CadÚnico: is available for Android and IOS,
  • Auxílio Brasil: also available for IOS and Android.

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