Rio will invest BRL 1.2 billion in works for the rainy season

Rio City Hall will carry out 235 works with a total investment of R$ 1.2 billion to minimize the impact of the rains on the city. The municipal executive presented the Plano Verão 22/23 with the main preventive actions, among them, the containment of slopes, dredging of rivers and cleaning of drains, for the period. The document was prepared by more than 30 municipal bodies, secretariats and subprefectures. 1669301769 964 ebc1669301769 761 ebc

Of the 235 hydrological and geological risk works, 112 will be carried out in neighborhoods in the west zone (49.15% of the total), 81 in the north zone (35.04%), 31 in the south zone (14.95%) and 11 ( 0.85%) in the Center. The map with all the works is available on the Rio City Hall Data Office website.

According to the city hall, of the total number of works, 102 will be completed by December and will contribute to the recovery of slopes and the clearing of drainage channels in hills and important avenues in the city, such as Rocinha, Santa Marta, Avenida Niemeyer and Estrada Grajaú -Jacarepaguá, in addition to reducing flooding and eliminating critical drainage points, such as in Jardim Maravilha, in Guaratiba, in Comunidade do Rollas, in Santa Cruz, and in Vila Ieda, in Campo Grande.

“This plan is a set of interventions that seek to solve structural problems in the city, in an effort to minimize the impacts of heavier rainfall. It is a job that has to be permanent. Our biggest concern is to preserve lives. We are breaking the record of the last 10 years for investments in cleaning drains and desilting rivers. In total, we are going to invest BRL 1.2 billion in 235 works throughout the city”said Mayor Eduardo Paes.

Currently, Geo-Rio is involved in 49 slope recovery works in the city, which, together, add up to more than R$ 96 million. Services take place in different parts of Rio, such as Parque da Catacumba, in Lagoa, in the south zone, and at Rua Marechal Aguiar, in Benfica, in the north zone. According to the city hall, this year, 30 works were delivered, among them, at Solar da Montanha, in Jacarepaguá, at Rua Monte do Amor Sagrado, in Pavuna, and at Rua Dioneia, in Rocinha.

“We currently have a record investment in containment works. There are 103 communities in the city mapped by the city hall with high geological risk. But I want to reiterate an appeal to those who live in communities that, when a Civil Defense siren sounds, don’t pay to see it, don’t expect to have a landslide because then we won’t recover the lives lost. Respect the sirens and go to a safe area.”said the mayor.

The city hall informed that it will invest another R$ 121 million in 27 maintenance contracts referring to the cleaning, desilting and maintenance of rivers such as Acari, Ita (Santa Cruz) and Campinho (Campo Grande), among others.

They also include services for cleaning, conservation and repair of storm sewers, and structural recovery and cleaning of drainage channels on slopes, as well as maintenance and operation of the Grande Tijuca reservoirs, which can store 118 million liters of rainwater and of rivers in the region.

By December, 12 canals in the city will be recovered, with requalification of side walls, of which nine have already been completed. Among the rivers that received works are: Maracanã, Grande, Rio do A and Marinho. The channeling of other watercourses was also repaired, such as the Carioca River, in Cosme Velho, and the Passarinho River, in Curicica.

“Through canal maintenance contracts, Fundação Rio-Águas teams work all year round on the rivers, cleaning, clearing and de-silting watercourses. In 2022 alone, more than 235,000 tons of silted materials were removed from the channels, which represent more than 19,500 full dump trucks”says the city hall.

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