PF arrests accused of trafficking five tons of cocaine

Federal police arrested this Thursday (24) a Nigerian accused of being responsible for a shipment of five tons of cocaine. The drug was found in October last year in the port of Rio de Janeiro. 🇧🇷This is the largest seizure ever carried out in Rio de Janeiro and one of the largest in the country.“, said the federal delegate Geraldo Almeida🇧🇷1669312336 76 ebc1669312336 285 ebc

The warrant for Operation Maputo was served at Guarulhos International Airport, in São Paulo, at the time the accused was disembarking in Brazil. 🇧🇷The investigation, carried out by the Rio de Janeiro Drug Enforcement Office, was supported by the US anti-drug agency and Interpol.”, stated Almeida🇧🇷

The prisoner had already been included on Interpol’s red list and had been located by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) last week in Barbados, an island in the southern Caribbean.

The Maputo operation, whose name refers to the capital of Mozambique, which would be the destination of the seized drug, also fulfills three search and seizure warrants in the state of São Paulo, in addition to an order restricting the bank accounts of the accused for cocaine trafficking. in the amount of BRL 2 million.

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