Payroll Loan from Auxílio Brasil DENIED? Maybe THIS was the REASON

The Auxílio Brasil payroll loan has been available to its beneficiaries since October. Not all beneficiaries need to withdraw the amounts, but some who would like to have this loan in hand are unable to request the amount from the bank.

The main reasons that can lead the person to have the consignment denied are the following:

Brazil Aid with expiry date; CPF with a problem at the Federal Revenue Service; It has been receiving installments for less than 90 days; Do not withdraw the aid because of the account credit; Have a notice of non-attendance at the call from the Ministry of Citizenship.

Blocked Aid

Another problem that can happen is that the person has their own benefit from the Brazil Aid blocked. Before having the Aid blocked within the maximum period, the family that does not comply with the Government’s requirements will suffer some punishments, which are gradual and follow the logic of the history of non-compliance, such as:

  • The first time the family fails to comply with any requirement, it does not suffer financial loss, but receives a warning;
  • The second time, the family spends 1 month without receiving the aid;
  • As of the third registration, the family receives the punishment of having the aid blocked for 2 months.

To find out if your aid has been blocked, you need to check its status, and this can be done in the Auxílio Brasil application or at CRAS. After verification, it is necessary to present yourself in person to a CRAS unit in your municipality and request the release.

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