Moraes denies the PL’s request and condemns Bolsonaro’s coalition to pay a fine

The President of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, rejected this Thursday (23) the PL’s request for annulment of the second round of this year’s elections. The minister condemned the coalition of Jair Bolsonaro to pay a fine of R$22.9 million.

The coalition is made up of the PL, Progressives and Republicans. This Tuesday (22), the president’s party presented a report with alleged inconsistencies in six models of electronic ballot boxes and asked for the annulment of part of the votes.

Hours after the presentation of the report, Moraes asked the party to include data on the first round of elections, since the ballot boxes used in both stages of the elections were the same. The PL did not present the data.

“Now, the same electronic voting machines, of all models in use, were used equally in both the First Round and the Second Round of the 2022 Elections, making it impossible to dissociate both from the periods of the same election”, said Moraes in the decision released this Wednesday (23).

Moares cited the technical explanations of Julio Valente da Costa JuniorTSE’s information technology secretary, who dismiss the PL’s argument that the ballot boxes of previous models “have the same number or that do not have assets that differentiate them from each other”.

“The technical explanations of the STI-TSE (TSE’s information technology secretary), including photos, leave no doubt that “an electronic ballot box can be identified physically and logically”says Moraes.🇧🇷[…] The plaintiff’s arguments, therefore, are absolutely false, as the traceability of electronic voting machines of older models is totally possible”,completed.

🚨 Alexandre de Moraes denies the PL’s request for verification of polls and imposes a fine of R$ 22 million on the party.

— Political Connection (@conexaopolitica) November 23, 2022

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