Mayor of Lajeado do Bugre, RS, was shot dead

Roberto Maciel Santos (PP), mayor of Lajeado do Bugre (RS), a city in the north of the state, was shot dead while in his office on the morning of Thursday 23rd.

The deputy mayor of the city, Ronaldo Machado da Silva (PL), says he was in a meeting with the mayor and an official, when they were surprised by the shots. “We were unable to identify anyone, because they arrived kicking the door and shooting,” he told the news portal. g1🇧🇷 “I managed to escape through a bathroom. It was suffocating.”

Civil Police investigate the case. According to the delegate Aline Dequi Palma, several shots were fired. One person was detained for inquiries. No hypothesis is ruled out.

mayor’s death

According to the delegate, several shots were fired at the mayor. Reports from an employee who was injured and from witnesses helped to outline the scenario and understand what happened.

“They were in the mayor’s office, the deputy and this other city hall employee, when a man entered with a gun,” said Aline. “He invaded and shot at everyone, immediately hitting the mayor, who died instantly, and victimizing this other employee, who is hospitalized. The deputy mayor managed to flee, he was not hit by any shots.”

The information only leads to a criminal. “We still don’t have the right information that he acted alone, or that he was accompanied by other men”, said the delegate. “We are verifying all this information, we immediately heard people at the city hall, and everyone is on the street to look for this other information.”

The police collect information from the witnesses present, in addition to images from a security camera on the street of the city hall. “In the internal part, there was no monitoring”, informed Aline.

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