Lula’s ally says guarantee payment of BRL 600 of Aid Brazil in January

Former Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger, Márcia Lopes, told the Folha de São Paulo newspaper that the government transition team received the mission to work to maintain payments of R$600 for families assisted by the Auxílio Brasil Program, which will be renamed Bolsa Família in 2023.

Thus, according to Márcia, the order is for all the more than 21 million families served to continue to receive the minimum of R$600 at least in the first months of next year, however, the former minister guaranteed that possible changes may occur. throughout the program, but not at this first moment.

“So far, what we have in terms of information and decisions is to ensure that no family will receive less (R$600), at least in the coming months. I think that everything can be improved and improved, but from the perspective of ensuring the families’ rights and needs. […] We know very well that not even R$600 is enough for a family to live on for a month, given the price of food and the price of gas. So the BRL 600 per family is covered, plus the idea of ​​BRL 150 per child up to 6 years old”

Márcia Lopes, former Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger

The statement by the president-elect’s ally, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), comes after some families were worried with the possibility that the new management does not guarantee the minimum for families formed by just one or two people, since the new management believes that the current model for defining the values ​​that are paid by Auxílio Brasil is not fair, and therefore they need to be repaired in the new Bolsa Familia.

Update on Bolsa Família worries families

Recently, Tereza Campello, who held the position of Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger in the government of Dilma Rousseff (PT) and is now part of the transition team, told Estadão that the new Bolsa Família will possibly return to paying different amounts for each family, depending on the number of children or people in general that make up the family group, because according to the former minister, the current Auxílio Brasil does not consider families with different needs.

According to the former minister, the current model of Auxílio Brasil “is unfair”, as both someone who lives alone and a family with several children “receive the same value”, so one of the possible changes would be to adapt the value I paid the characteristics of each family, so each beneficiary would receive a different amount.

Brazil Aid will be Bolsa Família in 2023

Despite intending to make changes to the Auxílio Brasil model when it goes back to the Bolsa Família name, government officials have not explained whether they should maintain a guaranteed minimum amount per family, so it is impossible to say whether the R$600 will be received by families with just one or two members, for example.

“Thus, you create a gigantic inequity. It is wrong for an individual to earn R$600, and a mother with two young children to earn the same R$600. The individual is receiving R$600 per capita, and the mother and children, R$200. runs in the family, but the program was poorly organized and poorly explained. The registration had no support from social assistance, it was done by people who do not know poverty and there was no concern about how to organize assistance to families”

Tereza Campello, former Minister of Social Development and Fight against Hunger

In addition, the criteria adopted by the future Bolsa Família would be the same as those that should already be charged today, such as up-to-date vaccination of children and school attendance, for example, requirements that are even in the rules of the Auxílio Brasil, but that the current government ignored for almost four years, and only in September of that year did the Ministry of Citizenship stated that he carried out this inspection again.

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