Lula confirms more money in 2023

Auxílio Brasil will once again be called by its former name, Bolsa Familia. However, this is not the only news about the benefit, and the government elected for next year intends to set the amount at R$600.00 and add R$150.00 per child up to six years of age in the family group.

With this additional amount, some families can receive as much as R$750 per month. However, to ensure that the increase is paid, the government has informed that these children must have an up-to-date vaccination card and must regularly attend kindergartens or schools.

It is worth remembering that these promises are not yet regulated, since the budget for 2023, made by President Jair Bolsonaro, does not allow for increases in social benefits. The government transition team, led by the vice president, Geraldo Alckmin, is trying to approve a Transition PEC, which increases the amount that the government can invest in this sector.

Next steps for Bolsa Familia

Geraldo Alckmin has already informed that the government’s priority is to be able to increase the budget for next year, so that Bolsa Família would be paid in the amount of R$600.00.

“The ideal is to make a combination between the ceiling, with the evolution of the debt curve and the primary result”, informed the vice-president-elect.

It is worth remembering that the document that regulates the budget for next year will still undergo a vote in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Federal Senate, where parliamentarians will be able to make changes to the text written by the Bolsonaro government.

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