know the situations that can prevent hiring

The contracting of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan has been constantly hampered. In addition to the proximity to decisions to suspend credit, there are still the criteria adopted by financial institutions to combat the possibility of default (debt payment).

Here are some situations that must be resolved in order to obtain a loan from the social program:

  • Regularize the CPF, if it has problems with the Federal Revenue;
  • If your Auxílio Brasil benefit is at risk for continuity, it will also be necessary to resolve this impasse (as the consignee makes the direct deduction from the payroll;
  • Update the federal government’s Single Registry, if there is any pending due to not attending the call of the Ministry of Citizenship.
  • Wait for more than 90 days to receive the benefit to hire by Caixa Econômica Federal, as it asks that the family has received at least 3 installments of Auxílio Brasil;
  • Receive the benefit by crediting the account.

The Aid Brazil loan situation

The Auxílio Brasil payroll loan is being released to beneficiary families who are receiving a good evaluation from the qualified banks, although the requirements regarding this financial analysis are not defined in the regulations published by the Ministry of Citizenship.

However, families that are able to contract the credit that allows up to 40% of commitment of the minimum permanent value of the social program (R$ 400) will only have the amount discounted in the next month, November.

How is a credit in the modality consigned, the payment of the installments is made by the government transfer to the financial institutions that offer it. Therefore, the beneficiary who contracted the credit will not have access to the full payment they received from the program until they pay off all the debt acquired.

All banks inform the deadline for 48 hours for the loan money to enter the account, after the release by the finance company and the contract signed by the family responsible.

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