Is Crefisa releasing the money?

The Auxílio Brasil payroll loan was launched in October, allowing beneficiaries of the main income transfer program in the country to take out credit using part of the aid amount. The modality is being offered by some financial institutions in the country, check out how to hire the modality with Crefisa.

Being one of the 14 banks with permission from the Ministry of Citizenship to operate with the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan, Crefisa chose not to offer the modality right after its launch. Subsequently, a page was created on the financial institution’s website presenting a loan to the beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil, with contracting in person or by telephone.

“If you receive Auxílio Brasil, come and see our products. Crefisa’s loan is bureaucratic-free, and you can hire it even if you are negative.”, says Crefisa on its website.

The Brazil Aid loan at Crefisa

Despite the page on its website, Crefisa does not inform whether the loan is the one launched in October. While some customers of the institution report having contracted the credit using the Auxílio Brasil with the same, while others state that they are awaiting approval for the modality.

The financial application allows users to make a personal loan, not using the payroll model, using up to 40% of the Auxílio Brasil installment. Crefisa was approached by the Public Consultation Channel to resolve doubts about the loan disclosed on the online channel, but did not respond.

Other banks that offer the Auxílio Brasil loan

Among the 14 institutions released to operate with the credit line, five made the offer official to customers:

The bank is allowing hiring through Caixa Tem, lottery houses and bank branches. The interest rate at Caixa is 3.45% per month.

The institution, which represents QI Sociedade de Crédito Direto, is also offering this modality, with an interest rate starting at 3.39% per month. Hiring is done through the application.

It offers the lowest interest rate to date, at 2.89% per month. Hiring can only be carried out in person at one of the Pincred agencies, located in the states of Maranhão and Piauí.

Banco Pan has already reached the mark of R$ 1 billion in credit in this modality and is analyzing the level of default of contracts already made before offering the loan again.

Zema is making the loan on demand for customers who have a link with the Zema store chain, in addition to creating a series of criteria to release the amount.

Banks Safra, Daycoval and Facta Financeira have already confirmed that they will not offer the loan at the moment, even with government permission.

The Papelón by Gildo Insfrán

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