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Banco Daycoval is on the list of banks that have the authorization of the Ministry of Citizenship to offer the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan, check when the bank intends to offer the credit.

Officially launching the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan, the Ministry of Citizenship released a list of 12 banks authorized to offer the modality, including Banco Daycoval, which had already confirmed the credit operation. After the release, the bank announced in a note that after analyzing the regulation and the feasibility of offering the payroll loan, it chose not to work with the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan anymore at the moment.

“Banco Daycoval decided not to promptly start the Auxílio Brasil credit operation. The institution, which has operated with payroll-deductible loans for almost 20 years, is carefully studying the rules for adhering to Ordinance MC No. 816, since product activation requires unforeseen systemic adjustments.

Banks that gave up on the Auxílio Brasil loan

In addition to Daycoval, other institutions chose not to work with the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan, even though they had received the approval of the Federal Government. Banco Safra carried out the pre-registration and, after the regulation published by the Ministry of Citizenship, withdrew from the modality, canceling the registrations previously made.

The list also includes Facta Financeira, which informed, in a statement to customers, that it will not work with the Auxílio Brasil consignee, canceling the proposals made in the pre-registration. The reason for the withdrawal of the institutions would be the interest limit, of 51.11% per year, lower than that foreseen by the financial institutions, which reached 80% per year.

Banks released for the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan

The Ministry of Citizenship released 12 banks that received the release to offer the Auxílio Brasil consignment, including Caixa Econômica Federal:

  • Federal Savings Bank;
  • Agibank Bank;
  • Crefisa Bank;
  • Daycoval Bank;
  • Pan Bank;
  • Safra Bank;
  • Capital Consig Direct Credit Society;
  • Financial Invoice;
  • Pintos S/A Credits;
  • QI Direct Credit Society;
  • Value Sociedade de Crédito Direto S/A;
  • Financial Zema.

Four of the finance companies are offering the modality, check it out:

The bank is allowing hiring by Caixa Tem, lottery houses and bank agencies. The interest rate at Caixa is 3.45% per month.

The institution is also offering the modality, with an interest rate starting at 3.39% per month. Hiring is done through the app.

It offers the lowest interest rate to date, at 2.89% per month. Hiring can only be carried out in person at one of the Pincred branches, located in the states of Maranhão and Piauí.

Banco Pan is finalizing the contracts made in pre-registration before opening the modality again.

The remaining institutions have not yet commented on the loan offer to their customers.

The Auxílio Brasil payroll loan

The regulation released by the Ministry of Citizenship defines the rules that financial institutions must follow in offering the service, such as a ceiling on interest and maximum installments for payment.

Beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil can commit up to 40% of the base amount of R$ 400 of the aid, that is, up to R$ 160 for contracting credit, which can have up to 3.5% monthly interest and must be paid in, maximum 24 installments.

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