Early Family Scholarship in DECEMBER? Check all Brazil Aid payment dates

In December, beneficiaries will receive the last installment of the year from the Brazil Aid, which will also be the last with an additional R$ 200 from the Kamikaze PEC. Check the month’s payment schedule.

The Ministry of Citizenship is following up on the transfer of the November Aid to Brazil, but the calendar for December has already been released. Next month, more than 21 million Brazilians will receive the last installment in the provisional amount of R$ 600 from the program.

Brazil Aid Calendar in December

In the months of August and October, the Ministry of Citizenship advanced the payment of the Auxílio Brasil, making the transfer days ahead of schedule in the original calendar. Before confirming the postponement in October, the folder stated that this would only be implemented if the advance was confirmed for the following months. However, the November calendar followed the forecast at the beginning of the year, leaving beneficiaries without receiving the benefit for about 40 days.

So far, the advance for December has not been confirmed, so the previously released calendar is valid:

  • End of NIS 1 – December 12th;
  • NIS 2 Finals – December 13th;
  • NIS 3 Finals – December 14th;
  • NIS 4 Finals – December 15th;
  • NIS 5 Finals – December 16th;
  • NIS 6 Finals – December 19th;
  • End of NIS 7 – December 20th;
  • NIS 8 Finals – December 21;
  • NIS 9 Finals – December 22nd;
  • End of NIS 0 – December 23rd.

In the program, transfers are made according to the final digit of the beneficiary’s Social Identification Number (NIS).

Amount of Brazil Aid in 2023

President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who will take office in January, is trying to approve the transitional PEC to guarantee an increase in the base value of the Auxílio Brasil from R$400 to R$600, transforming the provisional value , which would end in December, in fixed. The change would cost around BRL 52 billion to the public coffers, exceeding the amount allocated to the program in the 2023 budget proposal, of BRL 105 billion.

The PEC proposes removing spending on the Auxílio Brasil from the budget, allowing for greater investment in the program, including the extra expense of R$18 billion to fund an additional benefit of R$150, which must be paid per child up to six years old. for beneficiary families. The withdrawal from the budget allows, in addition to changes in the program, the amount allocated to the benefit to be reallocated to other measures, such as raising the minimum wage above inflation, which has not happened since 2019.

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