Cássia Kis and GloboNews anchor fight on WhatsApp

This Friday (28), the actress Cassia Kis became involved in yet another controversy over politics. The artist would have fought over WhatsApp with the journalist Leilane Neubarthafter the GloboNews presenter asked her to stop sending messages of a political nature.

The two were friends for years, but the disagreement would have started at the beginning of the year, when the actress began to send messages of an electoral nature to Leilane. Annoyed, the journalist asked that, out of respect for their friendship, Kis stopped sending the content on her WhatsApp.

The actress, who is on the air in “Crossing” would have disdained the request of the then friend, and continued sending messages defending the current president of the country and said that the journalist could block her if she wanted. According to the website Notícias da TV, Cássia Kis would also have criticized Globo and the anchor’s colleagues, who blocked her in the messaging app.

The fight resurfaced after a controversial interview with Kis on the YouTube channel of Leda Nagle. In the video, the artist makes several homophobic statements. “There is no longer a man and a woman, but a woman with a woman and a man with a man. This gender ideology that is already in schools. I get the unbelievable images of 6, 7 year olds kissing, where there’s even a space called ‘beijódromo’ or something,” she said. The actress continued with her speech. “As far as I know, a man with a man does not produce children, and a woman with a woman does not produce children either. How are we going to do it?”said Cassia at the time.

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