Caixa DECEIVED you about the return of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan

The payroll loan for beneficiaries of the Auxílio Brasil Program was suspended for a long period, since the week before the second round of elections, however, Caixa Econômica Federal announced that work related to the credit would be resumed on the 14th, but, as far as Everything indicates that the public bank has not really made payroll its priority.

Since Monday of last week, when the loan should have been offered again, beneficiaries have found it difficult to get any credit-related service, and if they try to seek some kind of guidance at the Cashier find employees who were not prepared by the bank to pass on the minimum of necessary information.

Already in the application, families who try a new request are informed that they cannot take out the credit at that time, and those who have already managed to apply for the loan are many days away from the contract being processed, which means in theory that the bank would be analyzing the proposal, however, no response is given to the beneficiaries, even though many days have passed.

This whole situation of neglect and lack of commitment to the families assisted by Auxílio Brasil leads beneficiaries to believe that, in practice, Caixa deceived them when it stated that it returned to working with payroll, since it is not possible to solve problems and there is no new releases or cancellations have occurred, a situation similar to the period in which the credit was suspended.

Suspension of the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan

At the end of October, Caixa complied with a recommendation by Minister Aroldo Cedraz, of the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU), and suspended work related to payroll in the week before the Sunday of the second round of elections, as the Court was responding to a request from the Public Ministry and checking if there were indications that the loan was being used for electoral purposes, harming the public bank.

However, after the analysis, the minister released the credit offer, claiming that he had not found irregularities, but the payroll loan was not offered again, as Caixa again announced that operations would again be paralyzed for two weeks, between the 1st and the 14th of this month.

Auxílio Brasil payroll must be suspended again

According to Caixa, the suspension occurred so that the November payroll could be closed, as the process involves Dataprev, a technology and government data crossing company, the Ministry of Citizenshipthe department responsible for the income transfer program, in addition to Caixa itself, responsible for payments to beneficiaries.

As a result of this extensive joint work, the bank announced this month the suspension of work related to the Auxílio Brasil loan in the first two weeks of November, the time needed to analyze and close the families’ payroll, and this temporary suspension should be repeated in early December.

Therefore, beneficiaries who went to Caixa branches at the beginning of November or who tried to contract the Auxílio Brasil payroll in the first weeks of this month received the information that they would need to wait until November 14, when the credit-related work was resumed normally, and in December the same should happen, and families need to be aware.

Taking out the Brazil Aid loan

Despite the lack of information, the Auxílio Brasil loan is still available for new requests, however, the companies that work with the credit, mainly Caixa, reduced the flow of approvals after the elections, therefore, in a few cases it is still possible to continue requesting it, but without the certainty that it will have a positive answer.

As for the beneficiaries who requested the consignment, but have not yet received a response, the guidance is to continue waiting, in addition, if a long time has passed, it is possible to go to an agency with the personal documents to seek further clarification, however, the vast majority of Caixa’s employees are not prepared to help in loan-related situations.

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