BRL 600 Family Grant in January 2023: everything you NEED to know

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Auxílio Brasil was the most discussed topic in the country in recent months, mainly in relation to the presidential elections. According to representatives of the elected government, the priority at the moment is to maintain the amount of R$ 600 in the benefit installments. The idea is that in January the amount will remain the same.

The 2023 Budget has already been sent by the Bolsonaro Government to Congress, despite the promises, the president indicated the return of the amount of R$ 405 to Auxílio Brasil. Several false information states that this measure was taken by elected representatives, but it is nothing more than an attempt to deceive the population.

In 2023, the idea of ​​the PT Government is to maintain the current values ​​of R$ 600 and still guarantee a possible extra R$ 150 for specific conditions. Maintaining the values ​​depends on next year’s budget, which has been discussed since the first day by the president’s entourage.

How to maintain Bolsa Família in 2023

Ensuring the maintenance of the value of R$ 600 is a priority, but the market did not react well to the creation of a PEC to remove the Bolsa Família from the spending ceiling. The main purpose of the PEC is to exclude the assistance benefit from the spending ceiling for an indefinite period.

In this way, payments and amounts related to the program would not be limited by the 2023 Budget sent by President Bolsonaro (PL). In the measure sent to Congress, the value of the Brazil Aid returns to the amount of R$ 405.

The market reacted badly to the creation of this PEC to maintain the current value of Bolsa Família. At the moment, a plan for the benefit to stay four years outside the spending ceiling is being studied. The idea of ​​the PT entourage was to guarantee this right without limitation, however, so far it has not been well accepted.

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