Bolsonaro’s ally puts the return of Bolsa Família in 2023 in check

Last Tuesday (22), the president of the Liberal Party (PL), Valdemar da Costa Neto, which is the party of current president Jair Bolsonaro, presented a report of an audit contracted by the PL where they claim to have found alleged irregularities in some models of electronic ballot boxes, despite also claiming that there were no frauds.

The report was sent to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) justifying the request for annulment of the votes of 59% of the ballot boxes used in this year’s elections, and according to the party, if this annulment is carried out, Bolsonaro would win the 2022 elections against President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), putting the return of Bolsa Família in check next year.

This would happen because it is the transition team of the newly elected government, which is led by Lula, who is articulating the return of Bolsa Família in 2023, replacing the current Auxílio Brasil, also trying to guarantee the continuity of payments of R$600 next year and the payment of R$150 more for families with children up to six years old, adding up to R$750 per month.

This means that, if an annulment of the votes is carried out and Bolsonaro is declared the winner of the elections, all projects by Lula’s team related to Bolsa Família would be abandoned, and the only guaranteed amount for the income transfer program in 2023 would be R$405 , as this is the amount provided for in next year’s Budget, which was drawn up by Bolsonaro’s team in August.

Bolsonaro’s party request may prevent Bolsa Família in 2023

However, it is very unlikely that the annulment of the votes will happen and the Bolsa Família will cease to become a reality in 2023, as this year’s voting was monitored by several national and international entities and the electronic ballot boxes were previously audited on several occasions, without errors were found, and the possibility of voting fraud was ruled out by Bolsonaro’s own party report.

In addition, the 279,000 ballot boxes that the PL claims to be in trouble were also used in the first round, when 99 deputies from Bolsonaro’s party were elected, transforming the PL into the largest party in the Chamber, however, the report does not call for the annulment of the first round, only in the second, despite the ballot boxes being the same, and therefore, the president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, demanded that the party also pronounce on the first round.

Bolsa Familia in 2023

The transition team commanded by Lula has been working to approve a Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) that allows the government to spend above the spending cap rule to maintain the R$600 of the future Bolsa Família, which will replace the Auxílio Brasil in 2023, because the economic team of Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes allocated resources for the payment of only R$405 for the families next year.

The text of the Budget was sent by the Bolsonaro government for approval by the National Congress in August, a period in which the current president was still campaigning against Lula and promised to keep the R$600 of Auxílio Brasil in 2023, despite already knowing that he was not setting aside enough resources.

In addition, a PEC is needed to maintain the BRL 600 of Bolsa Família in 2023 because the amount currently paid is made up of a mandatory BRL 400 guaranteed by law plus another BRL 200 that began to be paid in August after the approval of another PEC. by the Bolsonaro government in July, adding up to R$600, however, the proposal authorized the extra payment only until December, and according to the Bolsonaro government’s plans, families would receive R$400 again in January, giving rise to the need for a new PEC, regardless of the candidate who had won the elections.

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