beneficiaries earn up to 99% DISCOUNT on debts

The Student Financing Fund (FIES) is a way in which the federal government pays percentages on tuition fees for courses at private colleges, and the student, after graduating, has to return that money to the state. However, some people finish the course without financial conditions and acquire debts with this system.

Because of this, Banco do Brasil and Caixa have a program to renegotiate these debts, which can reach up to 99% discount for those registered with CadÚnico, the system used to register beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil.

This negotiation can be done until December 31 of this year, only on business days from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Students can also opt for the Banco do Brasil or FIES Caixa apps to make this agreement.

Discounts for those registered in CadÚnico

Now for those who are up to 1 year late and received Emergency Aid in 2021, or who are enrolled in CadÚnico, the discount is 92% on the total amount, only for cash payments.

For those who also received the Aid in 2021 and are registered with CadÚnico, but who are more than 5 years late, this discount is 99% on the total amount of the debt, also for cash payments.

If the student is only late, he gets a 12% discount on the amount he must pay, only if payment is made in cash.

As for those students who are 90 days in arrears, banks give a discount on the total amount of up to 12%, also for cash payments.

There is also the possibility for the person to divide the amount in 150 installments, with installments of at least R$200.00 per month.

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